1 800 SELL NOW.com – Sell Your Home Now for Fast Cash

How can you sell your home fast for cash money today?

Cash is king, right? Everyone would prefer to just be able to get cash for their homes with a few clicks, versus all the drama of showings and waiting for many sleepless nights to see if a buyer comes through with financing, right? So, how do you do it?

Why Sell Your Home Direct for Cash?

There are many practical reasons to sell your home directly to a cash buyer today.

These benefits include:

  • Closing faster (days versus months)
  • Selling as-is, without having to make repairs or stage your home
  • Saving thousands of dollars on Realtor commissions
  • Avoiding the politics and conflicts of interest of using brokers
  • Selling quickly before the markets changes or worseness on you
  • Avoiding accumulating additional costs, fees and repair risks
  • Simplified process without multiple showings, open houses, etc.

Ways to Sell a Home Online

You may not know a lot of local people with the cash and who are begging to buy your home. You may not want a sign in your yard or even be able to have one. Your association may not allow it, and you may value your privacy. Even if you can and want one, the chances of a good cash buyer driving by and calling on it may be very small. That means the internet can be your best friend and most obvious channel for reaching real cash buyers.

There is more than one way to tackle this on the web too.

Run your own online classified ads

The most obvious way to advertise your house for sale online today is probably still Craigslist. It’s relatively easy to upload a few photos and a description from your phone and hope you get some bites. You might. In reality, you’ll probably have to do this a couple times a day as professionals use virtual assistants and apps to post hundreds of properties to Craigslist in virtually every city every day. If you aren’t at the top you won’t be seen. Then you just have to weed out the hundreds of calls you are going to get from people who can’t really afford it, are scammers or are agents trying to sell you their services.

Social media marketing

If you’ve got a big social media following on Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn and Instagram and don’t mind telling everyone your business online, then use those channels. Post some photos, ask people to share it, and spread the word. If you are serious about selling and have a marketing budget, you can run paid ads on these sites and increase your reach as well.

Build a website

One of the common real estate marketing methods Realtors promote today is putting up individual property websites. You can do this with DIY website builders like GoDaddy, Wix and WordPress or Shopify. It doesn’t have to cost more than a few hundred dollars. Though then you’ll still need to get people to your website by running a blog, using social media ads or Google ads.

Flat fee MLS services

Flat fee MLS services work as discount real estate brokerages. They are run by agents who offer a menu of services. Some offer the ability to list your home on the Realtors’ MLS system for a few hundred dollars. The catch is that you’ll then need to offer a competitive rate of commission to buyer agents to bring you any leads. That adds thousands to the cost, in addition to any other add-ons you end up getting sold on.


1-800-SELL-NOW offers a national directory of professionals local cash home buyers who will buy properties in all types of condition and situations.

This can be especially beneficial for home sellers facing the following situations:

  • Foreclosure
  • Bankruptcy
  • Inheriting property
  • Divorce
  • Expensive repair needs
  • Storm damaged homes
  • Fire damaged homes
  • Declining home values

Who Has the Cash to Buy Homes Today?

To connect with the right people who are a good fit and can and will want to buy your home for cash, you need to know who they are, and where they hang out.

There are simply wealthy individuals or those who already own homes free and clear who may want to upgrade or downsize to nice new homes with the cash they have. The only challenge with this group is if they have to sell their current residences to access that money and buy yours. It could be months.

There may be lottery winners out there. People who have inherited a lot of money, or startup entrepreneurs who just went IPO and made billions. Of course they are going to want perfect homes on the very best streets. Anything less than that and your home probably isn’t a candidate for them.

The most likely cash buyers of homes today are real estate investors. They are looking for properties like yours to renovate and rent out. They get the process, your needs, how to navigate the buying process, and are ready to buy.